Tajikistan Unveils 2023-2037 Green Development Policy

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The Fan Mountains, Tajikistan

Tajikistan’s Ministry of Economic Development and Trade has introduced the “Strategy for the Development of the Green Economy for 2023-2037”, with the goal being to implement regulatory reforms, ensure the efficient use of natural capital, attract investments, introduce modern and innovative technologies, and strengthen international cooperation in the green economy.

“The strategy’s goals and objectives will be carried out using funds from the republican budget, financial institutions, development partners, the private sector, and other sources of funding not prohibited by Tajik legislation. The amount of funding for the “Strategy for the Development of the “Green Economy” in Tajikistan for 2023-2037” is estimated at 21.5 billion somoni (US$2.1 billion),” the Ministry said.

Meanwhile, in order to specify the work in the direction of green economy development the action plan for its implementation in 2023-2025, as well as the strategy’s main indicators, are attached to Tajikistan’s Strategy for the Development of the Green Economy for 2023-2037.

This is partially based on the United Nations-Tajikistan ‘Sustainable Development Cooperation’ document, which covers the period 2023-26. That can be downloaded here.

The Green aspect is part of a drive to further prioritize the greater diversity and competitiveness of Tajikistan’s national economy, which also calls for wider digitalization, intensive industrialization, application of innovative technologies and human development, and ensuring the sustainable and qualitative national economic development.

The President of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon, has stressed it is important to ensure GDP growth is maintained at 7% of per annum, and to double the GDP per capita during the next 5 years, given the increase of Tajikistan’s population to 11 million. The country aums to establish more than 870 industrial enterprises, reach an industrial output of TJS 95 billion (US$9.5 billion) and to double its exports.

As at the end of 2022, Tajikistan’s GDP per Capita (PPP) is US$3,185 against a GDP value of about US$8.6 billion. GDP growth is currently running at 7.4%, while the country is embarking on significant infrastructure connectivity projects to improve links with China and the EAEU Central Asian countries in particular.

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