Uzbek INSTC Routes To Europe & South Asia Given A Logistics Boost

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The Uzbekistan Ministry of Transport has agreed to simplify the regulations for international freight traffic with Iran and Turkmenistan. This is significant as Uzbekistan is a double-landlocked country and needs to reply on neighboring states to facilitate trade. The country, one of Central Asia’s most liberal, signed extensive trade agreements with the European Union and United Kingdom last year; while Uzbekistan is also looking to engage in trade with South Asian markets such as India – getting produce both exported and imported into Uzbekistan is consequently a priority.

The routes would leave Uzbekistan via road or rail west to Turkmenistan, to the Caspian Sea Port of Turkmenbashi. From there they can be shipped either west to Azerbaijan’s Baku Port and onto the Caucasus, Turkiye and the EU, or south via Iran’s Caspian Sea Port at Anzali, then head south via the INSTC to Iran’s Chabahar Sea Port on the Persian Gulf. From there goods can be directed to the Middle East, East Africa, India, and South Asia.

The plans are to organize inter-modal transportation to Turkiye along the Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan-Iran corridor and reduce fees for road transport. In addition, drivers from Uzbekistan will be able to obtain visas for Turkmenistan in a much simplified process.

Uzbekistan and Iran also agreed to organize road cargo transportation from the Iranian port of Chabahar to Uzbekistan, as well as through Uzbekistan along the China-Europe route.

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