Iranian Goods Transit Increase 52%

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The INSTC is starting to come online along the southern Belt and Road route between Europe and Asia

The Iranian transit of goods increased by 52% last month compared to the same month last year, according to the Iran Customs Administration (IRICA). More than 1.17 million tons of goods were transited through Iran over the period February 20-March 20 this year, a reaction to sanctions on the northern Russian ports.

Typical Iran transit enters (or exits) the country through one of its north coast Caspian seaports such as Anzali, to the north of Tehran, and heads south via road to Chabahar on the Arabian Gulf. From Chabahar they can access ports in East Africa, the Middle East, India, and South Asia. North-South Rail connectivity will be completed in 2023.

From Anzali and the Caspian sea ports, goods can be shipped and freighted onwards via rail West through to the Caucasus, Europe, and Russia, or to Eastern ports servicing Central Asia, and China.

This transit is also opening up markets and inland ports. Iran is looking at establishing a dry port at Miandoab County in its West Azerbaijan Province, to accelerate cargo transit and export in the area. This is to further development Iran-Azerbaijan manufacturing and trade and will incorporate a free trade zone together with an airport, railway, and other communications for export and cargo transit. The facility is planned to boost agriculture and animal farming in the North-West Iranian region.

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