New Border Crossing To Open Between Iran And Turkey

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Opens up Iranian access to Turkey’s Black Sea 

Iran and Turkey are set to have another border crossing, between Iran’s Razi town in its West Azerbaijan Province (north-western Iran) and Turkey’s Kapikoy town on the Turkish side. The border crossing should be functional by the end of May this year.

Iran’s Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development of Iran Dariush Amani said that the Iranian government is interested in developing trade, economic and tourism relations with friendly and neighboring Turkey. According to Amani, Iran has spent a total of 3 trillion rials (about US$71.4 million) on the terminal.

The construction of the terminal building has been completed, whereas due to the cold weather, the construction of terminal yard and other small works still need to be finished.

The region is serviced by the expansion of the Khoy-Qotur-Razi highway, and when completed will reduce the distance to the previous border crossing by 400km. The connecting length of the Khoy-Qotur-Razi highway in Iran’s West Azerbaijan Province is about 63 km, and is being constructed by Iran’s Construction and Development of Transportation Infrastructures Company (CDTIC). Khoy is the capital city of Iran’s West Azerbaijan Province.

On the Turkish side, connectivity via Kapikoy, in the countries south-eastern Artvin Province, allows access to its Black Sea region. The border crossing is expected to boost both tourism and cross-border light manufacturing as a result.  The two countries are also considering building a connecting railway between the two at this regional junction, which runs through the Razi Valley to Turkey.

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