China’s Maritime Silk Road: The Belt And Road At Sea

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Richard Griffiths, a Director of the New Silk Roads Project, at the International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden in the Netherlands, has just written a book titled China’s Maritime Silk Road: China’s Belt and Road at Sea.

As readers will be aware, the ancient maritime Silk Road that helped connect Asia and Europe has been reinvented as part of China’s ambitious Belt and Road initiative. However, the seaborne international trade and shipping-lanes, that carry 80-90 per cent of world trade, were there long before China’s BRI redefined the discussion. China’s intention to build ports at key locations along these trade routes has caused some unease in the Western and Southeast Asian security communities.

This book tells three intertwined stories, all of which impact on the assessment of China’s role in international trade and shipping. First, it tells of the crisis in overcapacity that has gripped international shipping since the 2008 financial crisis and the response of shipowners and ship operators, including China. Second, it tells of the different flows of cargoes that comprise the maritime silk road between Europe and the Far East, a network in which China plays a pivotal road. Finally, it challenges the security discourse that the US and India are trying to superimpose on what is still, basically, seaborne trade and transport.

  • Is China maritime trade growing? Yes
  • Is its position in port and ship ownership and control dominant? No
  • Are China’s maritime silk road activities threatening? No

“Unorthodox and attention catching books about transport, trade and economics are difficult to find. This unique, well-documented and scientific work, deeply rooted in today’s practical challenges of global supply chains reality, is an important effort to address and unravel the mystery of the President Xi’s Maritime Silk and Road.” Prof. Adam K. Prokopowicz, , President Institute of Global Innovation, Economics, and Logistics, Washington D.C., USA.

China’s Maritime Silk Road: China’s Belt and Road at Sea can be purchased on Amazon.

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