Silk Road Briefing is designed to monitor investment and infrastructure developments and potential opportunities for foreign investors to participate along the "One Belt, One Road" scheme. With the OBOR covering over 60 countries, this ambitious portal brings a snapshot of what is going on and where, as well as introducing the emerging trade routes that are developing as a result. The website draws on our considerable first hand experience dealing with FDI into and from China, Russia, India and South-East Asia, and is researched and written by professionals at Dezan Shira & Associates - Emerging Asia's primary professional services practice.

The Silk Road OBOR Initiative - An USD8 Trillion Infrastructure Opportunity

China's OBOR initiative is expected to require over USD8 Trillion of investment capital to bring to fruition. In 2016 alone, China's trade along the OBOR routes amounted to USD957 billion - or 26% of its total annual trade volume. We will track the progress and developments within this, using our experience in China, Central and South-East Asia, the Middle East, Russia and the EU. We have been publishing Briefings on ASEAN, China, India, Indonesia, Russia and Vietnam since 1999 and conducted advisory operations along the Overland and Maritime routes since 1992 - our experience in the market can provide you with the business intelligence you need to understand and learn how to get involved in this immense undertaking.

Dezan Shira & Associates, provides the following solutions to support our clients in all aspects of their operations along the Silk Road

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