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Our firm Dezan Shira & Associates provides legal, tax and operational advisory across China, Asia,
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We are able to assist clients with regional OBOR intelligence and research for both the overland and maritime routes along the Silk Road, including tax and operational cost comparisons, import-export procedures and pertinent incentives, special zones, port facilities and logistics. This can include risk and procedural assessments across the different markets of China, ASEAN, India, CIS and beyond and into the Middle East, Eastern Africa, the Caucasus, Russia, Eastern Europe and EU.

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We can advise on the optimum structure for handling projects in the OBOR nations, including offshore tax structures, as well as incorporations and tax structuring into China, India, ASEAN, the CIS, Middle East, East Africa and Russia.

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The OBOR contains several differing tax regimes using differing operating methodologies. We can advise on dealing with this, developing the ideal tax holding structure, in addition to handling operational taxes such as Import Duties, GST, VAT, as well as business, individual and withholding taxes. We can also advise on available tax incentives provided by the different countries throughout the region, in addition to applicable Double Tax Avoidance Agreements and other trade incentives.

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The Regional Intelligence section aims to provide comprehensive and updated regional information, which can act as an introduction to all major cities across the OBOR region from China to Russia and into South-East Asia, India, the Middle East and into the EU. We have garnered detailed information for key cities along both maritime and overland routes that will develop as key OBOR hubs and can outline the key information that will help you navigate around the new Silk Road,

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The Dezan Shira & Associates Knowledge Sharing Platform is your essential resource for doing business in Eurasia. Here you can find market analysis reports, industry reports and studies of the current regulatory environment to help guide your Asian operations from Moscow to Beijing.

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Since 1992, Dezan Shira & Associates has been dedicated to providing individuals and enterprises with the latest business intelligence targeted for emerging Asia. Contact us today and see how we can help you with your Business Intelligence, Legal, Tax and Strategic needs.

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